Friday, September 14, 2012

Consent is Sexy...and Mandatory!

Consent is such an important aspect of sexuality and human existence. If I don't want someone to touch me or even come near me, that is my choice. I should be able to say "no" in any version of the word and have it understood and respected. Rape should never be as rampant as it is. People(regardless of gender) should have their boundaries honored. I mean, what is the point of having boundaries if no one respects them? Radical consent is my dream. I want to walk down the street and not be honked at, because for me that negative attention invades my boundaries. I want to not be leered at if I choose to not wear a bra(because I hate them). I shouldn't have to mention that someone shouldn't touch me without getting my permission first, but I have to because the prevalence of rape and sexual assault is not decreasing. It's being normalized. A woman's body is already a commodity in the media and it is becoming increasingly commodified in everyday life. Until people start respecting boundaries in non explicit sexual situations, I don't foresee any change in rape culture.

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